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BREAKING: You Can Now Implant A Permanent Vibrator In Your …

Tired of buying vibrators, only to make sad effort to hide them at the first sound of a doorbell? Trust us, you’re not the only one. Sex toy manufactures try helping their customers maintain a certain discretion by making vibrators smaller or shaping them as cosmetic products.

But what if you had the option to have you vibrator on — or in? — you?

Well, thanks to Fun Factory’s Orgasmia this may be a possibility soon, with a new vibrator implant!

It sounds crazy, but apparently German doctors developed a V-shaped vibrating implant, that does just that.

The Orgasmia makes sure to hit the right spot, by having “clitoral legs” in order to stimulate the clitoris from within. You will be able to control it through Bluetooth technology, meaning you’d be able to control it with your smart phone or other electronic devices compatibile with Bluetooth.

Fun factory brags (and teases) via their website, “The device can be used on its own for hands-free orgasms, to enhance the experience of sex with a partner, or to address a variety of sexual complaints, including unsatisfying intercourse, extended separation from a partner, or even lack of time for sex. Even better than the long-awaited ‘female Viagra,’ Orgasmia gives women control over their arousal and pleasure.” 

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10 Free Online Courses That Can Benefit Every Entrepreneur

The Best Free SEO Tools & Internet Marketing Software

Here are ten free online courses that every entrepreneur can benefit … cover everything from the correct framework, marketing, outsourcing and …

Every entrepreneur can benefit from continued education. Whether you are just starting out and handling multiple roles within your company or an experienced business owner — enrolling in an online course is always a good way to improve your knowledge and has never been easier or more affordable.

Long gone are the days of taking evening classes at local colleges and paying tuition. You can now take excellent courses in the comfort of your own home for free.

Here are ten free online courses that every entrepreneur can benefit from.

This two-hour video course by Docstoc CEO Jason Nazar takes his real-world experience and breaks it into several video lessons that discuss all the important steps of running a successful business, from vetting an idea and raising money from investors to scaling and growth strategies.

There are a lot of coaching and training programs online that are put together by individuals that don’t have real business experience. They make their money by teaching and not by doing. Nazar’s insight is truly valuable because he has been there. He has used the information he is sharing to grow Docstoc into a successful business.

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Social Media Marketing in 3 minutes

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Real Men Don’t Emoji

… particularly in the context of romance, when they are given to texting the … piece of communication or a message from an adult with an emoji.

A new digital divide has popped up, and at its animated heart is a winky face with a tongue sticking out. (Mark Pernice/The New York Times) — NO SALES; FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY WITH STORY SLUGGED MEN EMOJI BY MATT HABER. ALL OTHER USE PROHIBITED. —

Right now, it’s likely that someone you know is texting a thumbs-up image to confirm a meeting or maybe sending off a friendly ghost emoji to a friend.

Men aren’t comfortable with emoji. Women embrace them, but given their resemblance to the stickers that adorn the notebooks of schoolgirls, not to mention their widespread adoption as the lingua franca of tweens and teens everywhere, emoji strike terror in hearts of many a man.

“Women tend to be more overtly expressive in language,” said John McWhorter, a linguist who teaches at Columbia University.

He would like to see men face their emoji fears head on — or, thumbs on, as the case may be. Emoji, he said, allow for an expressive, human way of translating the spoken word into text, with the goofy symbols providing a texter or tweeter with the means to convey tone.

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The Truth About Waist Training: What It Was Like To Wear A Corset …

Waist training involves sporting a corset in an effort to slim (or reshape) your waist. Just Like shapewear, the garment is designed to decrease …

I are not able to lie — I’m obsessive about Kim Kardashian’s waist coaching pictures. Whether you love her, hate her or love to hate her, I suppose we can all agree that she’s bought a rockin’ physique. With that said, I’ve obtained nowhere close that sort of shape and i’m A-Pleased With that. But after I got the possibility to check out waist training, I wholly jumped on the danger.

Waist training includes sporting a corset so as to slim (or reshape) your waist. Just Like shapewear, the garment is designed to cut down your midsection even as also contouring it. The twist with waist coaching is that, even as you look like you could have an “instantly slimmer figure,” you’re working to create one as good.

Hourglass Angel sent me the “Amia Traditional Cincher Waist Coach” to try out waist training for the week. Made with PowerLatex and Flexi-boning, the garment claims that it will possibly “visibly diminish your midsection 1 – 4 inches. I determined to take the challenge to peer if waist training like Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose or Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was possible for an usual girl dwelling a ordinary life.

Simply to get the tips available in the market — I’m 26 years historical, somewhere between a size 2 and four, and like to wear free-fitting clothes. Getting “all dolled up” way swiping on some brown eye shadow and replacing my favorite flannel for my best denim top. And, if I wish to seem “attractive,” I escape some pink lipstick and a couple of-inch heels. The point I’m looking to get across? I’m not the form of character to move out and buy a corset.

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