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Sex Toys: A Provocative Look at the Billion Dollar Industry

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Most everyone loves sex. And most everyone loves toys. So why does the subject of sex toys have to be taboo? It turns out that it doesn’t. As this infographic illustrates, the use of “adult” products is common in the bedroom, and the vast majority (94 percent) of people polled feel that sex toys are part of a healthy relationship. For more sexy facts on the topic, just scroll down. And check out Intimate Tickles online store to do more “research” (Warning: adult content).


Sex Toy Story: Jimmyjane’s Ethan Imboden Wants to Make Vibrators as Common as iPhones

[Courtesy Of] HELLOTOUCH_02[1] Before he designed vibrators, Jimmyjane founder and chairman Ethan Imboden spent more than a decade designing cellphones, footwear and furniture for the likes of Motorola, Herman Miller and Nike. So, when he finally turned his attention to luxury sex toys, he had considerable consumer electronics acumen to apply to them. And that has served him well in his quest to turn a once-taboo device into a lifestyle accessory as commonplace as an electric toothbrush. Imboden has been called the Steve Jobs of sex toys (though perhaps “the Jony Ive of sex toys” is more appropriate), and while that’s a characterization he said he’s not entirely comfortable with, it’s easy to understand. With Jimmyjane, Imboden has reimagined a massive industry, bringing holistic, intuitive design and taste to a pleasure goods market sorely lacking in it. Which is not to say that the company’s Millennium Falcon-esque Form 2 or its latest offering, the wearable Hello Touch, are the iPhones of sex toys; just that the focus on design and consumer experience that went into their design, their almost visually asexual aesthetic, disrupted a complacent sex-toy industry in the same way that the iPhone upended the smartphone market. [DKB url=”” text=”Read On” desc=”Jimmyjane” title=”Jimmyjane” type=”” style=”” color=”” height=”” width=”” opennewwindow=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]

16 + 1 Tricks To Steamy Monogamy. #17 Introduce Adult Toys

nomoreboringsex_adultoyparties Time heals all wounds, they say, whomever they might be. Time, unfortunately, can also make monogamy monogamous, tedious, boring, you get the point. Most every couples reaches that point where the daily grind becomes a continuous Déjà vu, hum drum, predictable, kiss kiss – hug hug- have a good day. The wild lust of exploration becomes a distant, exotic memory. Ducking into the ladies room together, slipping under the bleachers, parking the car on a side road, all blurry memories from a time when quickies were an exciting interlude to the day. Good News. You really can turn back those flirty hands of time and reclaim the wildness of your first months. The road to hotter monogamy is simply a matter of mind over monotony. It begins with a pledge to resist the cliche that familiarity breeds lower temperatures, a decision that you will not be doomed to a bleak future of ho-hum, twice-a-month slap ’n’ tickle, and the determination to bring the same appetite for excellence to exalting your partner’s body that you bring to every other arena of your life. Ready to bust your rut and rekindle your sex life? Check out Mens Health 16 Tricks To Hotter Monogamy. But before you head over, let us add #17 #17 Introduce Adult Toys into your playbook. Too many think of adult toys as a solo act, but we like to introduce them as the Treacle on the pudding, that sweet sticky gooey stuff that adds another dimension of yummy to an already fabulous sponge treat. Book an Intimate Tickles Party and let us show you how to turn a Tenga Egg into the ultimate foreplay, or an >OhMiBod Mp3 Vibrator into a musical prelude to erotic bliss. Most of our 1200+ products can be introduced into your bedroom as a heavenly bond that puts a whole new meaning on teamwork, and with 1200+ products to experiment with, boring will no longer be a part of your intimate vocabulary!

Adult Toy Party Expert: 5 Fun Moves To Spice Up Your Sex Life

In the mood to try something new? Check out these fun ways to reinvigorate your sex life!

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life. Try an adult toy party.Sex. The word itself used to make people uncomfortable. But now, more than ever, couples are branching out in their sexual behaviors, and discovering what gets them going. From incorporating sex toys in the bedroom to paging through 50 Shades of Grey to attending their first adult toy party, couples are mixing it up and increasing their pleasure in the process. It used to be that a woman needed a trench coat, dark sunglasses and a nondescript hat to cover up her curiosity while scanning the shelves at a sex shop. Now, it only takes a walk through the local drug-store to find name-brand vibrators in the aisle next to the condoms. The next time you’re feeling inspired to try something new with your partner, incorporate one of these five bold moves into the bedroom:  
  1. Introduce a vibrator. What used to be for her pleasure only is now being brought into the bedroom for couples. Men, don’t feel emasculated by this handy helper. Rather, use it as a tool to complement your own.
  2. Try it somewhere steamy – literally. Bringing your fun into the shower gives you a whole new atmosphere to create steam with your partner.
  3. Take control. It’s time to stop letting men take initiative. You’ll surprise him (and yourself) when you take control and make the first move.
  4. Make it a good morning. The daily routine of getting ready in the morning is going to be much better once you’ve already had some fun with your partner. You’ll have a naughty little secret to go to work with.
  5. Don’t dress down. It is tempting to arrive home from work and immediately don your sweats and a t-shirt. Instead, put on a sexy, silky nightgown and you’ll be sure to grab his attention.
Bonus: Have An Adult Toy Party. Classy Cloud 9 Adult Toy Romance Parties by Intimate Tickles are perfect for a girls night out, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, divorce celebrations & more. Adult Toy Party, Sex Toy Party, Naughty Party, Romance Party; whatever you want to call it, Let us spoil you with Cloud 9 Party goodies! The Cloud 9 Adult Toy Party by Intimate Tickles consultants are the best of the best. Leave your inhibitions at the door and explore with us all of the ways you and your partner can come together and raise your intimacy to a whole new level. Couples should look for individualized ways to branch out in the bedroom. There is no one-size-fits-all mold for how to spice up your sex life. Do some research, and find out what turns you on. Don’t be afraid to share what you want to try with your partner. Adventure means something different to everyone — for some, it is having sex in public and for others, it’s as simple as trying a new position. Know how far you’re willing to go, and take your sex life to the next level. At the end of the day, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident and closer to your partner than ever! A Caveat? There are REAL health benefits to having sex.

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