Open relationships might actually work

Pablo was an amazing boyfriend. He adored me, and when we were in the same city at the same time we were inseparable. I traveled for work and as 20-something artist/entrepreneurs living in California, our libidos were spilling out of our jeans. We agreed to try an open relationship to allow for fun when we were traveling and commitment when we were together. It was an absolute dream. We broke up amicably and still keep in touch. We didn’t consider ourselves swingers or polyamorous. If anything, we were just being practical.


Monogamy isn’t working

As divorce and infidelity become the norm, many people are abandoning strict ideals about relationships and questioning if monogamy is the best option. People wonder whether humans are biologically designed to mate for life or if monogamy is just a cruel joke that someone took too far.

Open relationships aren’t completely acceptable yet, but you have to admit, the idea is pretty interesting.… Read the rest

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