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App fail on iPad grounds ‘a few dozen’ American Airlines flights

App used by pilots as ‘electronic kit bag’ since 2013 crashes, leaving planes unable to take off

American Airlines was forced to delay multiple flights on Tuesday night after the iPad app used by pilots crashed.

Introduced in 2013, the cockpit iPads are used as an “electronic flight bag”, replacing 16kg (35lb) of paper manuals which pilots are typically required to carry on flights. They are used to distribute information such as flight plans throughout the airline’s fleet.

But the app that replaced the flight bag crashed on Tuesday, affecting multiple planes scattered throughout the entire fleet, according to passenger reports, leaving the pilots unable to take off. “The pilot came on and said that his first mate’s iPad powered down unexpectedly, and his had too, and that the entire 737 fleet on American had experienced the same behavior,” one passenger told business news site Quartz. “It seemed unprecedented and very unfamiliar to the pilots.”

An American Airlines spokesperson confirmed the issue, telling the Verge: “Some flights are experiencing an issue with a software application on pilot iPads … In some cases, the flight has had to return to the gate to access a Wi-Fi connection to fix the issue. We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers.

“We are working to have them on the way to their destination as soon as possible.” 

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Samsung Gear S – Official Introduction

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Facebook Has A New Suicide Prevention Feature. Will It Work?

In February, Facebook announced that it was rolling out a suicide prevention feature. Although the social media platform has given users the option to report suicidal content since 2011, this new feature makes that process easier and provides those struggling with thoughts of self harm with a number of options for taking action.

Here’s how it works: Upon seeing any comments from a friend implying self harm, users are given the option to contact their Facebook friend, another friend or a suicide helpline. From there, the person will be notified that a friend is concerned about them and asked if they’d like to call a friend or message a suicide prevention expert.

Facebook also provides videos about people who have had suicidal thoughts, provides a list of relaxation techniques and offers to help find a self-care expert.

The social media site partnered with a number of suicide prevention networks for this feature including Now Matters Now, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention.

As of now, the feature is available to about half of Facebook users.


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Facebook Is Listening To You?!

Crayola’s Facebook Page Got Hacked, and Oh My, Look at the Off-Color Posts

If any brand is less deserving of an adult-themed paint job, it’s Crayola.

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Yes, the crayon company is synonymous with childlike innocence. But it was anything but on Sunday, when its Facebook page was hacked by unknown deviants. Once inside the brand’s account, the perpetrators shared click-baity links to R-rated sites throughout the day, sending poor Crayola into a panic. 

We’re aware of the situation on our official FB page, which was hacked today, and making every effort to stop the unauthorized posts.

Below are images of some of the posts. While most are relatively tame—containing dirty drawings and innuendo—some of the images are NSFW. 

Crayola eventully took back control of the page and posted this update on Twitter:

We don’t condone the inappropriate & offensive content being posted to the fraudulent Crayola FB page & sincerely apologize to our fans.

Crayola Marker Maker Play Kit | Easy DIY Make Your Own Color Markers!

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You have $8 billion. You want to do as much good as possible. What do you do?

I sat in a San Francisco conference room a few months ago as 14 staffers at the charity recommendation group Give Well discussed the ways in which artificial intelligence — extreme, world-transforming, human-level artificial intelligence — could destroy the world. Not just as idle chatter, mind you. They were trying to work out whether it’s worthwhile to direct money — lots of it — toward preventing AI from destroying us all, money that otherwise could go to fighting poverty in sub-Saharan


“Say you tell the AI to make as many paper clips as it can possibly make,” Howie Lempel, a program officer at GiveWell, proposed, borrowing a thought experiment from Oxford professor Nick Bostrom.

The super AI isn’t necessarily going to be moral. Even with positive goals, it could backfire. It could see the whole world as a resource to be exploited for making paper clips, for example.

“Just because it’s very intelligent doesn’t mean it has reasonable values,” Lempel said. “Maybe it starts turning puppies into paper clips.”

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7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast?


Plus-Size Lingerie Model Ashley Graham: ‘Men Want to See Curves’

Plus-Size Writer Poses In Her Underwear To Highlight The Biggest Problem With Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel Campaign

The #ImNoAngel campaign featured plus-size models posing in lingerie in beautiful black-and-white photos. People couldn’t help comparing Lane Bryant’s photos with the Victoria’s Secret campaign, given the intentional similarities. While the public …

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Ashley Graham made waves by being the first plus-size model to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue – and again as part of Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel lingerie campaign featuring women of all shapes and sizes – but she’s actually been showing …

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Are Plus Size Models REALLY that Different than Skinny Models?

US retailer Lane Bryant has launched a new line of plus size lingerie and couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a dig at famed lingerie brand and bastion of the super skinny supermodel, Victoria’s Secret. In their newest campaign, the American plus size …

In the seemingly never ending battle between plus size and skinny models in the fashion industry, this week the plus size camp has taken another shot across the bows. US retailer Lane Bryant has launched a new line of plus size lingerie and couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a dig at famed lingerie brand and bastion of the super skinny supermodel, Victoria’s Secret.

In their newest campaign, the American plus size retailer have featured a group of popular plus size models in their new lines along with the hashtag #ImNoAngel emblazoned across the photographs – a clear swipe at the ‘Angels’; the group of supermodels used to promote the Victoria Secret brand and walk in their famed catwalk shows across the world.

The idea behind the advert is that the brand, in their own words, want to ‘defy typical beauty standards’. But in reality is that what they are actually doing?

Now I’m all for the modelling industry to be inclusive of all body shapes and sizes and I think plus size modelling has a valid and important role in the industry, but I also think that the average consumer these days is wise enough to know that skinny doesn’t equal beautiful any more.

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Corset Shape Comparison: Cheap vs Custom

NAKED VS CORSETTED WAIST COMPARISON This is a video for entertainment. I wear corsets to help with back pain. I chose to compare the first corset I bought with…

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