yeswedocouplesWe are a couple with a dream to start our own business. 

We have tried this business by consulting for other and have gained a vast following. We have finally decided that we can do it better. 

 I, Derek Brown, am a web designer / programmer and have completed the build of a one of a kind marketing center for our new business consultants. This is done and ready to go. 

She, Virginia White, is a 25 year veteran of the home party plan business. Her vision and expertise has gained her a great following in the industry.

We need, to start our business, a Business Center which allow our consultants to book, manage, and close their home parties and further manage their business. 

 This software comes at a cost which we are desperately trying to scrape and save. 

We have promised about 50 consultants that we will be ready to launch on September 15th. We are hoping there are those out there who may be willing to help. 

 Our goal with our Adult Romance Home Party Plan business is to empower women and couples to start their own successful business. Also to enhance the relationship of couples and bring those relationships closer together. 

 Our difference is that we attempting to truly supply our consultants with all the tools they need to succeed in their new small business. 

 If interested, we are also looking for small investors who might want to invest $500 to $1000 with a payback of double within 24 months. Contact Us @ 303-746-9275 If Interested.


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