slide_377562_4444870_free[1]You probably never want to LOL during sex, but a new report suggests those who LOL outside the bedroom have more of it.

In the video above by DNews, we find out the great benefits that come with humour, including a better sex life. Now we all know laughing releases endorphins — and could be a great way to fight pain — but sex also has similar benefits.

A new paper from the Evolutionary Psychology journal, suggests funny men give women more orgasms. The paper said people with a great sense of humour are more attractive as partners and in general, enjoy success while dating, notes Psychology Today.

The paper, which studied 44 women in heterosexual relationships, only counted vaginal orgasms. Of course, orgasms are different for everyone, and getting an orgasm doesn’t always mean relying on someone else.

But why is humour so important for some of us, anyway? Watch the video above to find out.

Kristina Wright, author of Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After, points out that you don’t have to wait for anniversaries or birthdays to have so-called special sex. Any day can be special, including the anniversary of the first time you made out, the day you’ve finally potty trained your youngest child, or just because it’s Tuesday. “Whatever it takes, whenever you can manage it, celebrate this crazy, messy, busy life you’ve created together — celebrate any time you can,” Wright says.

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