The Maine Farm Fantasy

This past summer I found myself at yet another Maine wedding, sitting at a long, family-style farm table set up in a field with the sun setting behind the quintessentially weather-worn barn. Farm weddings are all the rage this year. And rightfully so—the views are stunning and the landscape transforms you back to a time when things were simple and love conquered all.

A gaggle of young women who had come to Maine from larger, busier cities for the weekend collectively basked in the quaintness of every detail of the property, from the patched fences to the mysterious etchings on the barn walls. They wished out loud that they could grow their own food, raise free-range kids with open fields as their playground and spend their days working side by side with a partner who wasn’t constantly staring at a smartphone.

One girl admitted to wanting to find a good guy already, so she could quit her job, buy a dozen chickens and move out to a farm to start a happy family.

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