[Courtesy Of allthingsd.com] HELLOTOUCH_02[1] Before he designed vibrators, Jimmyjane founder and chairman Ethan Imboden spent more than a decade designing cellphones, footwear and furniture for the likes of Motorola, Herman Miller and Nike. So, when he finally turned his attention to luxury sex toys, he had considerable consumer electronics acumen to apply to them. And that has served him well in his quest to turn a once-taboo device into a lifestyle accessory as commonplace as an electric toothbrush. Imboden has been called the Steve Jobs of sex toys (though perhaps “the Jony Ive of sex toys” is more appropriate), and while that’s a characterization he said he’s not entirely comfortable with, it’s easy to understand. With Jimmyjane, Imboden has reimagined a massive industry, bringing holistic, intuitive design and taste to a pleasure goods market sorely lacking in it. Which is not to say that the company’s Millennium Falcon-esque Form 2 or its latest offering, the wearable Hello Touch, are the iPhones of sex toys; just that the focus on design and consumer experience that went into their design, their almost visually asexual aesthetic, disrupted a complacent sex-toy industry in the same way that the iPhone upended the smartphone market. [DKB url=”http://allthingsd.com/20130930/from-cell-phones-to-sex-toys-jimmyjane-founder-ethan-imboden-on-the-reinvention-of-the-vibrator/” text=”Read On” desc=”Jimmyjane” title=”Jimmyjane” type=”” style=”” color=”” height=”” width=”” opennewwindow=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]