Offering their elite consultants the knowledge, experience, success, and credibility of Sexuality Coach Certification and internationally acclaimed physician and sexologist, Dr. Rachael Ross at an significant and exclusive discount.

Columbia, Oct 22, 2018 (  – Intimates Tickles is proud to become affiliated with the Dr Rachael Institute, offering their consultants an exclusive and significant discount for enrollment to DRI.

DRI courses combine the science, the nutrition, the technique, the relationships, and the business of Sexuality coaching in order to train students to become among the best, the most confident, and the most successful Adult Romance Consultants in the business.

“Dr Rachael and Intimate Tickles are amazingly aligned in our belief that we can expand, extend, enhance, and even repair relationships with adult romance enhancement and sexuality consultation and coaching.” Says Deryk Brown, IT Director at Intimate Tickles LLC, “By offering our consultants the access to this knowledge and certification, we further highlight our dedication to supplying knowledgeable expert romance consultants to our customers.”

Intimate Tickles LLC is an adult romance home party plan company based out of Columbia SC. Their goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, and fun environment to encourage sexual health, enhancement, and to open awareness to learn fresh new ways to take single, couples and their relationships beyond boundaries and strengthen romance.

Dr Rachael Ross founded the Dr Rachael Institute for Sexuality Coach Certification in response to the growing need to keep families together!  Over 67% of marriages will end up in divorce, and at least 1 in 4 couples are considered sexless. Dr Rachael prides herself on her direct and practical approach to communicating with and caring for her patients. Dr Rachael is a sexologist and board-certified Family Medicine physician who practices Functional-Family Medicine and sexology in her hometown of Gary, Indiana. Dr Rachael Ross commuted back and forth to Hollywood, CA serving as a co-host on the Emmy® Award-winning talk show, The Doctors®.

“I have found that it takes a mix of traditional sex principles, blended in with basic psychology, a dash of anthropological thinking, a splash of holistic healing, added with basic wellness principles, then swirled in with coaching methods to really empower clients to reach their sexuality goals.” Says Dr Rachael when asked about the certification course, “That’s what I teach my students!!  Sexuality Coach Certification graduates are trained to help keep families together. It’s fun, it’s lucrative, there’s a system, and you get to witness real results!”

As a certified graduate of The Dr Rachael Institute’s Sexuality Coaching Program, students have fulfilled the requirements to become an accredited member of the American College of Sexologists International and the American Board of Sexology.

Romance consultants have reported a significant increase in sales and party bookings as customers view them as experts in the field.

To assist their consultants to take advantage of this opportunity, Intimate Tickles has cemented a significant discount for membership to the course. Intimate Tickles will also waive their own membership fee for one year.

With this synergistic partnership, Intimate Tickles has taken a giant leap forward in their quest to supply the best adult romance enhancements products and the best adult romance consultants.