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Home Party Planners Beware! – Start For Free Typically Means Stuck For Free.

Beware Of FreeHey! Look at this! I can start a home party plan business for free!Let’s think about this for just a moment, shall we? If you attended a home party at your friends house, let’s say it is an adult toy party (Since this is what Intimate Tickles LLC does, so we can relate), and the representative shows up, hands out a few catalogs, and starts directing you to pages to describe the lotions, potions, lingerie and toys. No table is set up, no toys are available to look at, touch, and feel the buzz. No lotions to smell, taste, or rub on. Not even a scratch and sniff (that’s a joke, there is no scratch and sniff!). Would you purchase anything? Would it make any sense to you at all to sit there for an hour and have someone describe a catalog to you?Well, the representative took advantage of a “Start your business for free” offer, so unfortunately, she did not get any products to show. She got a few catalogs and a few order forms and was told that she can use those to do her first party, make a few bucks, and then use those sales to stock her kit. So basically, she is asking you to help her start her business by funding the business kit she needs to actually get started. Offended? I would be! And as an entrepreneur interested in starting your own business, you should be offended as well. The opportunity to embarrass yourself at your first few parties by showing up with nothing but catalogs and a smile are not the only issues you should beware of when presented with a Get Started For Free opportunity. Let’s run through the typical scenario; (keeping in mind that when you join a home party plan company, you typically have a 30 day out) wrongway You’d like to start your own business in the home party plan arena. You’ve decided that you want to find an adult toy party home party plan (and why not, it’s a 15 billion dollar a year market!). You’ve research a few companies and have noticed that the typical start-up costs for a starter kit are about $90 to $1000, depending on the kit you purchase. But wait! Here is a company offering FREE start-up, of course, for a limited time only. You are a bit short on money, so this is perfect! You are now a business owner. You are your own boss in your own adult toy party home party plan business. You don’t have any products, but you’ve signed on and you have a name and (hopefully) you have a website. You don’t know whether the products are good quality, because you have not tested them out. You (again hopefully) have a few catalogs and order forms for your friends to look at. You can’t answer questions of “what do YOU like”, because, again, you have not tested them. But! You are in. A month later you are finally able to order some products so that you can do a real party. Alas, you discover that some products arrive broken, other products don’t have the “buzzz” that was promised, and that dildo is a lot smaller than it looks in the catalog. You further discover that you’ve joined a company that carries about 1/4 of the products of the other companies and your customers are looking for products that, well, this company simply does not carry. You decide that this may have been a mistake. You've been roped and tied Well, that’s a problem. Your 30 day out has come and gone. Sure, you can quit, but odds are, there is no place in this industry that you can turn to. Most home party plan companies have written into your contract that you are free to leave whenever you desire, however, you are NOT permitted to join a competing companies parties plan for a period of AT LEAST a year. You’ve just been roped in, and tied up. Bottom line: 1) If they are offering you free start-up, odds up they are hurting for consultants. Wonder why that is? 2) To get your business off the ground you are going to need, at least, business cards. You’ll need to do some kind of low cost marketing, like printing out flyers and trying to get them hung somewhere. You’ll want to get listed in some local directories, which can cost from $10 – $100 depending on the size and visibility of the directory. My point here is, if you don’t have the $99 for, at least, the low end starter kit, you should probably wait anyway. 3) As home party plan trainers, we have discovered that an overwhelming percentage of those who join this type of opportunity because of a “limited time” offer, should have waited till they have the money for a kit and start the right way! When you are TRULY ready to get started with a truly AMAZING adult toy home party plan company – take a good hard look at Intimate Tickles LLC and My Pure Pleasure. Not free, just the best company to back you in reaching your goals.

Taking Romance Parties To A Whole New Level. Intimate Tickles Presents…

Intimate Tickle Adult Romance Parties is a Colorado Based company that provides Private Home Based, online, Virtual, and internet shopping adult romance experiences throughout U.S.A and Canada. Because of increasing requests for an intimate, private, no pressure, comfortable setting for demonstrating products such as lotions, Potions, lingerie, spa and massage products, pheromone induced perfumes, shoes, bras, wigs, nail foils, and more, Private in home Parties are increasing in popularity and demand all across the country. At Intimate Tickles, we are striving to be the best Private Home Based adult novelty provider. We are growing fast! Intimate Tickles is providing a strong structure for many entrepreneurs to build a solid business of their own. Intimate Tickles Parties is one of the leading and fastest growing company in the adult romance home party industry!Intimate Tickles Parties is an in-home party company that sells a premier line of relationship aids, including lubricants, enhancers, romancers, and bedroom accessories. Many of our products are not available in stores; they may be purchased online or through a network of independent sales consultants throughout the United States. For more information Call 877-531-5541 Intimate Tickles is one of the leading and fastest growing companies in the adult romance home party industry! If you have been intimidated by other romance parties or sex toy parties, but you’re curious and would like to be able to earn a lot of fantastic items for FREE, then this is the party for YOU! If you’ve wanted to earn an unlimited income while having a great time. Intimate Tickles has the most lucrative compensation plan in the industry. Intimate Tickles is rapidly expanding nationwide, it is very possible that we have consultants with party dates open in YOUR area! As an Intimate Tickles Party hostess, you can take advantage of our generous hostess program, like earning 20% of the party sales in free shopping, Hostess Only rewards products, $9 shopping, and more. Yes, that’s just the beginning! You will also enjoy Hostess Special items, bonus rewards, free gifts and exclusive prizes! Couples Parties,Home Toy Party Fun,Girls Night Out,50 Shades of Grey,Margarita Monday,Lifestyle Parties, and moreAt Intimate Tickles, we do all sorts of events. Couples Parties, Home Toy Party Fun, Girls Night Out, 50 Shades of Grey, Margarita Monday, Lifestyle Parties, Learn To Pole Dance Parties, Fellatio Instructional Parties, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Divorce Parties, Sundae Sunday, Wine and Cheese Party, Football Widows, Crazy Hat, Sexy Shoes, and so much more. If you can think it, we can host it. We just love seeing couples and ladies together and educating them about their sexuality, unleashing their naughty, and exploring possibilities they had no idea existed. It’s so much fun to see couples and ladies who just can’t wait to get home!   Need extra holiday spending money? Discover how to earn an average of $400+ per weekend working only a few hours! Consultants are needed nationwide to fulfill all party requests. Could having an extra $1000 a month change your family’s budget? Claim your piece of this $15 billion industry today!